• Patios, driveways, pavements
  • Walls, railings, brickwork
  • Fences, trellises, screens
  • Summerhouses, playhouses, sheds
  • Irrigation (including high pressure systems)
  • Water features, rockeries


Our offering includes a wide range of creative solutions that cater to every budget

The right lighting can really add to your garden’s aesthetic by drawing the eye to particular elements within the space such as individual plants, water features or ornaments, or by creating visually appealing effects such as uplighting on trees or strip lighting for paving and decking areas.

Water features are another element that can really define your garden. Consider incorporating some form of lighting into your water feature for a more artistic affect, or you can choose a more traditional stone water feature in order to achieve a more charming, rustic look. Glass, aluminium or steel are the materials of choice for more contemporary designs.

Where present, paving is often the standout feature of any garden, and your choice of stone can make all the difference. Sawn limestone, granite, marble, slate or travertine are all contemporary material choices that contribute to a modern feel and are easily incorporated into most modern designs. If you’re interested in a more rustic aesthetic for your garden, you might consider reclaimed yorkstone – or sandstone if you’re on a budget.

Decking areas are also a potentially defining feature in garden spaces, and your choice of wood can also have a substantial influence on your garden’s overall aesthetic. Hardwood is of course more durable and will retain its appearance over time; however, softwood can be just as appealing and yet more affordable; you can also choose to apply wood stain and treatment products to softwood in order to give it a hardwood appearance.

Lateral trellising can be used to create an interesting visual effect that appears to lengthen your garden by establishing strong horizontal contours. Raised garden beds are also a welcome, attractive feature that divides your garden into various layers to be admired as your eyes move around your garden.

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