Lawn Revival

Lawn Revival

  • Lawn revival – one-off visits or regular lawn care programmes
  • Scarification and aeration
  • Overseeding and top-dressing
  • Moss, weed and algae control
  • Application of fertiliser
  • Improving drainage
  • Application of a wetting agent to manage hydration
  • Improving access to sunlight
  • Changing soil composition, increasing organic matter
  • Treating diseases and insects (red thread, snow mould, leatherjackets, chafer grubs)

Garden Revival

  • Redesign – introducing changes to the layout of your garden in order to improve its appeal and look
  • Improving usability — optimising access to the entire garden; enlarging open areas or play areas; creating screened spaces and sitting areas
  • Reducing maintenance requirements – simplifying the garden layout, reducing the borders, creating more hard surfaces, exchanging existing plants for others that require less attention, etc.
  • Shrub rejuvenation – hard pruning, transplanting
  • Adding more colour and appeal – bringing greater variety in terms of foliage, colour and texture
  • Correcting pH imbalances
  • Treating diseases (mildew, rust, black spot); pest control (aphids, leatherjackets, chafer grubs, ants, foxes, moles, rats)
  • Removing unwanted garden features such as unnecessary patios, paths and edgings

Our lawn and garden revival services are aimed at rejuvenating and reinventing your existing garden. Lawn revival involves applying a variety of processes (e.g. scarification, weed and pest control, fertilisation, etc.) in order to improve soil quality and grass and plant growth. On the other hand, garden revival means redesigning and improving your entire garden in order to allow for better access, usability, easier maintenance, etc. The essential goal of both of these services is simply to improve your garden’s overall look and appeal.

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